Video by Nana Kofi Asihene


Excerpts from The Rake Magazine. Words of Wisdom. By Aleksandar Cvetkovic: 

“I’ve met T-Michael twice now, once at this Pitti Uomo just passed when I dropped by the Norwegian Rain stand, and once for this interview. On both occasions, chatting with him felt like nothing less than a breath of fresh air.

Even as he walks into a room and shakes hands, one can’t help but form the impression that he’s an individual with a remarkably grounded and steadying sense of self; a reassuring pair of thoroughly creative hands, totally in control of his own ideas and his own journey through the world of luxury menswear.

One suspects that it’s that sense of surety, which has made such a success of his work in a relatively short space of time. The story behind his eponymous contemporary tailoring brand T-Michael, and that of hi-tech outerwear brand Norwegian Rain (both of which he co-founded and designs for) is fascinating, and testifies to his unique approach to luxury menswear and to the relevance of his own creative vision, which seeks to connect the substance of traditional formalwear with modern, functional design.”

Photo by Natalija Gormalova

Step into the world of T-MICHAEL to discover a plethora of his conceptual approach to tailoring pieces. A line up of contemporary clothes with deep rooted elements of tradition, cultural references and stylish accents!

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