Two strong individuals. Two real connoisseurs.

Both with a distinct love and urge for discerning creativity. A chance meeting resulting in mutual admiration at first sight, prompted this creative enterprise. Together T–MICHAEL and Ralph Vaessen pursued the perfect pair of sunglasses in their 'gestalt': simplistic yet tantalizing for the pure at heart and the lover of devilish detailing. A limited range of artisan spectacles crafted by masters in Germany using natural horn. Tradition meets precision meets distinctive creativity & excellent taste. Raphael comes in 4 color ways: ivory, slate grey, ebony, chocolate.

Get these beautiful, timeless, hand sculpted eyewear from here.



The Coal project was initiated by style mavericks Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh.

Sam and Shaka are Art Comes First (ACF), a creative collective with the aim to bring style and tailoring back into the masculine wardrobe. This endeavour is fuelled through their shared admiration of craftsmanship and their dedication to its future.

The COAL project involved a network of artists from different creative fields and different cities, joining forces to curate the travelling pack. The members are;  Kalaf AngeloMatteo GioliSam Lambert, Shaka MaidohSebastian Dollinger, Aroun Ducroux and yours truly.

Together they negotiated craftsmanship, function and elegance – all in one tastefully packed weekender bag. Epitomising elegance and simplicity with an artistic attitude.

The beautifully designed and crafted pieces can be seen below.


Norwegian Rain

Award winning raincoats from the rainiest city in Europe, Bergen.

Raining 2 out of 3 days calls for drastic sartorial decisions.

T–MICHAEL & Alexander Helle has revamped rainwear with their distinct sartorial approach, carefully blending hints of Japanese sensitivity and their life in the rain without compromising on functionality and stylistic preferences. 

The high tech is hidden.

T–MICHAEL is a designer, co-founder and part owner of the award winning label Norwegian Rain. 

Stay dry here!




COAL Directors Cut


The Obscure Mirage


Rehearsal Migration




Come Full Circle