T-KIMONO Seersucker Haori

T-KIMONO Seersucker Haori


The T-KIMONO is a collaboration between T-Michael and Y. & Sons. Tokyo based Y. & Sons are kimono experts with about 100 years experience in bespoke tailoring of kimonos through their parent company Yamato. T-Michael has been tailoring for the last 20 years. His conceptual approach to tailoring has led to award winning collaborations. T Kimono is no exception. With mutual admiration for each other, the 2 brands sought out to a create a versatile kimono as an addition to a contemporary man's wardrobe. Traditional with contemporary styling. The first T-Kimonos were cut out of wool flannel with a mono stripe. For SS18 it's translated into a beautiful flowing black seersucker cloth.

The Haori is shorter than the Kimono and traditionally worn with a Haori
himo, that fastens the Haori at the front.

T says: This is number is on fire! Don't quench that flame. Keep it burning!

Kimono specifications:

  • Designed in Bergen

  • Handcrafted in Japan

  • Dry clean only

Measurements in the pictures

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