T-Michael x Y. & Sons = T-KIMONO

A beautiful collaboration between Y. & Sons and T-Michael.

T-Michael and Y. & Sons's common vision was to introduce the kimono as a
new staple to men's wardrobe, side by side the suit or the of pair jeans, as an
everyday outfit and not just ceremonial. A nod to the heydays where the
kimono and the suit was an everyday get up for men. T-Kimono is an
unexpected addition to menswear today where individuality is key.

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Choose your either Kimono, Haori or both. They are all sold separately.

Haori himo and Obi not included.

The Kimono/ Haori comes in 2 colour ways.

    •    Grey with pale blue mono stripe

    •    Blue with sand mono stripe

The Kimono is traditionally tied with a sash called the Obi at the lower waist.

T says: Wear it as you see fit, traditionally with the Obi or style it your way to tell your story!

Kimono specifications:

  • Designed in Bergen

  • T-MICHAEL 100% wool cloth woven in Spain

  • Handcrafted in Japan

  • Dry clean only

Measurements in the pictures

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