T-KIMONO Indigo dipped organic cotton

T-KIMONO Indigo dipped organic cotton


The T-KIMONO is a collaboration between T-Michael and Y. & Sons. Tokyo based Y. & Sons are kimono experts with about 100 years experience in bespoke tailoring of kimonos through their parent company Yamato. T-Michael has been tailoring for the last 20 years. His conceptual approach to tailoring has led to award winning collaborations. T Kimono is no exception. With mutual admiration for each other, the 2 brands sought out to a create a versatile kimono as an addition to a contemporary man's wardrobe. Traditional with contemporary styling. The first T-Kimonos were cut out of wool flannel with a mono stripe. 

This season, we went heavy and hands on on the cloth. This quadruple layered organic cotton is woven in the valleys of Fuji San at a place called Yamanashi. The cloth is then cut and carefully  tailored by hand at Niigata and finally hand dipped in organic indigo vats also at Niigata. This is truly an art piece.

The result? Well, is on fire!...as T would say!

The Haori is shorter than the Kimono and traditionally worn with a Haori
himo, that fastens the Haori at the front.

T says: This is number is on fire! Don't quench that flame. Keep it burning!

Kimono specifications:

  • Designed in Bergen

  • Handcrafted in Japan

  • Dry clean only

Measurements in the pictures

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