T-MICHAEL is a bespoke tailor/ designer /artist with a conceptual approach to men’s tailoring inspired by his love of sartorial traditions and his passionate quest for a different narrative within tailoring, design and creativity, to celebrate stylistic and cultural diversities present in today's zeitgeist. 

He is known for his meticulous attention to details and for his garments’ impeccable construction. 
His collaboration with Y. & Sons, (Yamato Ltd) a traditional kimono maker in Japan established in 1917, to create the T Kimono' was awarded best product in 2018 by Time out Magazine in Japan. The T-Kimono has recently being exhibited at the He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen China.

T-MICHAEL is also a co-owner, strategic director and head of design of award winning Norwegian Rain, where they fuse traditional tailoring with innovative fabrics, clever detailing to create a stylistic, utilitarian and 100% waterproof products.

Welcome to the creative universe of T-Michael