About T...

T-MICHAEL is a bespoke tailor/ designer /artist with a conceptual approach to men’s tailoring inspired by his love of sartorial traditions and his passionate quest for a different narrative within tailoring, design and creativity, to celebrate stylistic and cultural diversities present in today's zeitgeist. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail and for his garments’ impeccable construction. 

Bespoke tailor T-Michael likes to blur the boundaries between bespoke tailoring and ready to wear. 

T-Michael is the half part of Norwegian Rain, where they fuse traditional tailoring with innovative fabrics and clever detailing to create a stylistic, utilitarian and 100% waterproof products. He derives as much satisfaction from the design process as he does from the end result.

From his base in Bergen, the west coast of Norway, he has created a unique sense of style and presence which has attracted fans from across the globe. He is a favourite among street style photographers all over the world and he is constantly profiled in relevant magazine and blogs worldwide.

Through his T Lab, he has collaborated with creatives in different fields and genres. Among these is The Coal project with Art Comes First, Super Duper Matteo Gioli, Poet, writer and artist Kalaf Angelo, Head designer of Eton shirts Sebastian Dollinger and eyewear designer Aroun Ducroux. The Coal project benchmarked and furthered already existing diversities in menswear by bringing it to the forefront. He has also collaborated with eyewear maestro Ralph Vaessen to create a capsule collection of sunglasses in sustainable buffalo horn handcrafted by artisans in Germany.

T-Michael has also collaborated film creatives to create 5 short films.

He is currently collaborating with Y. & Sons, (Yamato Ltd) a traditional kimono maker in Japan established in 1917 with over 135 stores in Japan. The concept is to present the kimono as an everyday menswear staple in the wardrobe of men today.

Welcome to the creative universe of T-Michael.