About the artist...

Ghanaian born T–MICHAEL is a trained bespoke Tailor and designer based in west coast city of Norway, Bergen. True, unadulterated beauty and craftsmanship goes into each of T–MICHAEL’s pieces.

Details, quality, tradition and style are few words that come to mind. Furthering the art and heritage of artisanal techniques of the past and redefining ready to wear styling of the present T–MICHAEL is also a designer and part owner of award winning Norwegian Rain. Together with Alexander Helle they've revamped rainwear with a distinct sartorial approach, carefully blending hints of Japanese sensitivity without compromising on functionality.

T–MICHAEL has further blurred boundaries by dabbling into films. He has written, directed and art directed 6 films. 
2 of his films has been premiered at Diane Pernet’s ASVOFF in Paris at Centre Pompidou.

To get a glimpse of the creative endeavours of T–MICHAEL, ranging from Eyewear to award wining Raincoats and short films, read more through the T-Lab. These short films are visual escapades into the surrealistic sphere luring us visually away from our everyday configurations.
This lengthy collaboration with filmmaker Finn Erik Rognan, who shares T–MICHAEL's dreamy and suspenseful approach to short films, started about 9 years. 

T–MICHAEL has for the last 20 years done what he likes best; merging the universes of bespoke tailoring and ready to wear to create his collection of suits, shirts, bags, shoes, scarves and cufflinks.